Your Website IS your Business

Let’s not beat around the bush, without the internet your business has a hard time existing.


Utilising word of mouth and networking at events only gets you so far in today’s world, you need somewhere to direct people to. That place is your company website and it is the most important factor of your business because without it you are simply a name.


Not everyone is going to come straight to your office or business off the street. You need to raise awareness and interest and the internet is the biggest advertising spectrum there is, so if you are not getting your presence felt there you are seriously selling your business short.

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Bringing Your Website Up To Scratch


Now is the most important time to invest in ensuring your website is fully representative of the business you are proud of.


In order to present a professional service you need to operate as one online and heightening the look and feel of your website should be the first port of call. You don’t necessarily have to go the route of a full rebrand unless you feel it a necessity, but updating your content is always a requirement.


With changes in regulations and delivery schedules and how the business has been impacted by current events, you need to accurately communicate with your client base exactly what is going on during these times. You can also take the time to modernise your language to be able to communicate to those who may not be privy to your industry and why they would require it. If your dialogue is too technical it may turn away most people.


Have someone type up a translation that is not so much involved in your business based on their understanding which will give a lighter insight for those not educated on your business.


Provide Order and Communication Tools


People want results a lot quicker and some people just don’t want to pick up the phone and enquire.


Giving access for your customers to products and information is going to save time and award you greater numbers of successful client transactions. Looking into transferring your products online you can utilize many shopping cart software to allow customers to purchase through your website as an add on, otherwise you could go the route of turning your website into a full e-commerce store to trade exclusively.


To provide customers and clients with a means to communicate is key to building relationships and your website can employ many different options for it. Chatbots are a good way to communicate directly with the clients on top of email and social media tags to profiles.


You can even add video calling software and be able to schedule a call with clients to give them a better face to face experience.


Linking to Social Platforms for Better Exposure


Linking social media outlets such as Facebook business pages and Linkedin profiles means your business has a lot more exposure than ever at its disposal. 


With them being free platforms to generate business you are literally getting huge amounts of free advertising. However, this does cost you time away from your business to adequately get the word out about your business. That may be the time you do not have in your work-life balance.


You can look into hiring a digital agency to help generate your social media output and help to transport your business higher up in search rankings through the use of Search Engine Optimization. Digital agencies also encompass all the above solutions from Responsive website design to fully rebranding your business if required.


Stockport website design agencies also come supplied with in-house copywriters and software developers to help your company transform in every area, so employing one may cost you some pennies but it will earn you the pounds where it counts.


In 2020 your website is the core of your business and you need to keep it fresh in order to keep people engaged with your business.

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