Top tips for the perfect birthday party on a budget

Top tips for the perfect birthday party on a budget

One of the things that really frustrates me about motherhood is all the pressures we put ourselves! Whether it’s trying to keep up with all the other Mums in the school playground or just wanting to make sure our little cherubs have the very best of the best, it can be exhausting! If we’re not careful, we can tie ourselves up in knots trying to make sure our children are happy, particularly when it comes to their birthdays. It seems as though every child has to have a party these days and they’re often extravagant and very expensive! In reality, we don’t need to go to a great deal of expense for our children to have a really great birthday party.

As a Mum of three, I’ve come up with a few ways to make sure my children really enjoy their birthdays without it costing me a fortune.

Make your own party invitations

It always amazes me when people spend a fortune on party invitations! Yes, we want them to look good and set the tone for the party, but remember that they all end up in the recycling bin once the big day has been and gone. It’s madness to spend lots of money on them!

We always make our own birthday party invitations these days. There are lots of ways you can do this and the great thing is that you don’t need to have lots of creativity or tech experience to get really lovely invitations.

All we do is search for freebie fonts online, then spend a little time creating an invitation to suit the party theme. For example, we had a Harry Potter theme for our daughter a couple of years ago, so we found lots of images we could use and chose relevant colours so that they really looked the part.

Use your local environment

It can be really expensive to hire a hall for your party, and that’s without the added cost of entertainment/bouncy castles/balloons and whatever else it might take to keep the kids occupied indoors.

If you have a park nearby, then planning a party in the park is a great way to save money. You could plan a picnic party with a theme to suit whatever your child is into. For example, you could have a pirates & princesses party, a superhero party, or whatever else they fancy. You could plan treasure hunts based on your theme where the children find themed clues and win themed prizes. You could even prepare your food to match your theme – think themed cake toppers and shaped sandwiches! The possibilities are endless!

Cheap activities

You don’t need to spend much money for children to have a great time! Cheap and free activities often work far better than those that have cost a fortune to organise.

Here are just a few cheap and free activity ideas:

  • Bubbles
  • Colouring
  • Cake or biscuit decorating
  • Musical chairs
  • Musical statues
  • Musical bumps
  • Pin the tail on the donkey
  • Pass the parcel
  • Pinata

Remember all of those party games we always used to have when we were younger? They’re still just as much fun for the kids now as they were back then, and they don’t cost much money at all.


Avoid expensive cakes

There’s a big trend at the moment for big, fancy birthday cakes. These do look amazing but they cost a fortune to have made! Unless you’re planning to make your own, then I wouldn’t bother forking out for a fancy cake!

You can get traybake cakes in most supermarkets and these work really well as birthday cakes, they are also really easy to cut and share out too.

Party food

Most of the time, all the children want is simple food. A few pizzas and some crisps are usually plenty to keep everybody happy, and it’s also a really cheap way to do it.

Fruit is a great way to provide healthy party snacks and you can get really creative too. Just be mindful that your creations may not actually get eaten, so you might not want to bother if you’re being really careful about your budget. But, you can make all kinds of things out of fruit and vegetables. We went to a 4 year old’s party a little while back and they had cucumber crocodiles. They looked really good, but they were¬† still completely in tact by the end of the party – nobody had wanted to eat any of the healthy stuff (I suspect most children’s parties are the same).

With just a little thought, you really can throw a great party for your child at very little cost!

*This is a collaborative post.

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