Top Tips for Preparing Your Child for the School Bus

Top Tips for Preparing Your Child for the School Bus

When the time comes for your child to start catching the bus to and from school without adult supervision, you both might feel a bit apprehensive. This is normal, as it’s a big step for your youngster, but there are things you can do to help prepare them. Here are some top tips from a prep school in Hertfordshire.

Practise the Bus Route 

Your child might be feeling nervous about catching the bus to school because they don’t know what to expect. One easy way to resolve this is to practise the route with them a few times before they have to start doing it on their own. This will help familiarise them with the process, such as how to pay and where to get on and off.

Talk About the Bus

It’s a good idea to chat to your child about this milestone and help clear up any concerns they may have. You might even be able to find some books you can read with your child about other children catching the bus. Answer their questions and make sure they are aware of any rules you’d like to implement, like no talking to strangers.

Prepare for the Worst

Hopefully the worst won’t happen, but it’s a good idea to ensure your child has a plan in place should they lose their money or bus pass. They should also know what to do if the bus is delayed, they miss it or it doesn’t show up at all.

Find a Bus Buddy

The chances are, there are probably some other children in your area who will be catching the same bus to the same destination. If that’s the case, you could contact their parents and figure out a way for your two children to become bus buddies so that they have someone by their side for moral support.