Top Tips for Helping Your Child with their Social Skills

Top Tips for Helping Your Child with their Social Skills

Social skills are crucial if we want to communicate successfully with others and build healthy relationships. Good social skills can help improve a child’s confidence so that they are able to make friends both in and outside of school. They can even help them with career opportunities when they are old enough, and it’s important to consider the future when raising a child. Of course, some children are naturally more sociable than others, but some need a little push when it comes to developing these invaluable skills. Parents can help with these useful tips from a private college in London


Some would say that the trickiest part of socialising is finding conversation starters. It would be a good idea to practise these with your child so that they feel more comfortable in a real-life social situation. Let them know that a good place to start is with a question, such as “How was your evening/weekend?” or “How did you find the English homework?”. Compliments also work well, such as “I like your shoes, where did you buy them from?”. Stress the importance of eye contact and listening when communicating with others.


If your child is still little, be sure to arrange plenty of playdates with other parents and children from school. Large school playgrounds often feel quite overwhelming to small people so a playdate with one other child in a safe, familiar location will allow them to feel more relaxed when socialising and build strong relationships. It might also help to encourage your child to join some sort of extra-curricular activity, like a sport or drama club, where they will meet lots of likeminded people and develop lots of key skills. This will help them to become more confident, which will make social situations less uncomfortable. 


Talk to your child about feelings and how sometimes people can communicate how they feel through body language. This will help them to understand how to respond to others and also how to express themselves. Generally speaking, whenever you are teaching your child an important life lesson, it’s crucial that you act as a positive role model so that they can learn from the best. With that said, always demonstrate excellent social skills when your child is around, such as good manners, sharing and general respect. If you do happen to lose your temper with someone, be sure to explain to your child why and apologise if you have been out of line. 

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