Top Tips for Helping Your Child with their Homework

Top Tips for Helping Your Child with their Homework

Feeling anxious about how well your child is performing in school is a perfectly normal emotion for parents. We all want the best for our kids and often try to find ways to support their learning. Homework obviously plays a big role in a child’s academic journey and parents should try and help where possible. However, this doesn’t mean you should take over and start telling them the answers just so they get a good grade, as this won’t help the teacher understand which areas of the curriculum they need to work on. A junior school in Kent share some tips below on how to help your child with their homework, without doing it for them.


Success in any area of life often comes down to one’s attitude. Consider your attitude towards your child’s homework and their learning in general; are you having a positive influence on your youngster’s own outlook? When talking about homework, avoid saying things like “I never wanted to do homework at your age” or “I remember how boring homework was”, as this will put your child off. Instead, try and find ways to make homework more enjoyable, perhaps by offering a reward once it’s complete or providing tasty snacks whilst they’re doing it. Sit close by so that your child can ask you questions if they get stuck and try to motivate them and increase their confidence.


It’s also a good idea to provide your child with a suitable study space that is tidy, well-lit and free from distractions. Completing homework on their lap with the TV a few yards in front is not a good option, as your child won’t be able to concentrate or segregate their leisure time and study time. Make sure their study space is equipped with the right stationery and books so that they don’t have to waste time looking for equipment when they could be learning. 


Try and keep in regular contact with your child’s teachers so that you can understand more about the curriculum and how to support your child with their homework. The teachers may be able to suggest some revision guides and other learning materials that can help your child with their education. 

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