The Benefits of School Trips

The Benefits of School Trips

Some parents consider school trips to be a waste of time, but they actually come with many benefits and act as a crucial part of your child’s learning journey. Simply put, school trips allow youngsters to develop a stronger insight into the world around them, from environmental to political viewpoints. Schools tend to place an emphasis on school trips because they provide children with an opportunity to learn in a new environment and mix-up their routine, which essentially brings the subject to life and adds an element of excitement to their school life. A prep school in the South West of England explores the benefits of school trips in further detail below. 


Giving children a chance to experience something new, whether that be a new place, type of food or even just meeting a new person, can really help them with their confidence. It allows them to step out of their comfort zone and take on a new challenge. That’s why school trips are great, because children are able to navigate unfamiliar territories. What’s more, they provide an opportunity for students and teachers to bond outside of a classroom, which will help with their interactions in lessons going forward. This newfound confidence and a stronger relationship with the teacher might encourage your child to speak up more regularly in class, allowing them to make their most of their education and reach their full potential. 


In addition, studies have found that children who have been on an educational school trip are more likely to retain the information they have learnt, which will benefit them when it comes to exams. This is basically because an interactive experience is usually more mentally stimulating than words in a textbook, especially for kinaesthetic learners. As a result, children are more likely to perform better in subjects that have involved a school trip at some point during the school year. 


So, it is clear that there are lots of advantages to school trips. After working hard in class throughout the rest of the year, pupils deserve this type of break to have some fun with their peers. What’s more, it is likely that your child will hold on to the memories of their school trips for many years to come. 


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