The benefits of card & mind games for teens

The benefits of card & mind games for teens

We all know how much the vast majority of teens love gaming. In our house, it’s all our 15-year-old would do if we let him. But there are some benefits to allowing our teens to play online games – in particular, card and mind games have some substantial benefits to our teenagers.

What are the benefits of card & mind games for teens?

There are a few benefits when it comes to card and mind games.

Challenging their minds and keeping their brains active

Most of the games that teens play these days don’t involve too much brain power, and in some ways that can be a good thing. Even as adults, we need some downtime and some time to switch off after a busy day. But card and mind games are also great, because they encourage our minds and brains to stay active and develop different ways of thinking.

Encouraging the development of reasoning skills

Reasoning is something that develops through practice, and playing online logic games is a great way for us to help our teenagers to develop vital reasoning skills. Games such as Battleships make you think logically to try to work out where your opponent’s ships are hiding. It’s great to play these kinds of games with the actual games with our friends and family, but it’s also great for teenagers to have the opportunity to play these online whenever they feel like it too.

Online Battleships

Developing a deeper knowledge of language

Some online games also help to develop a deeper understanding of the English language. In this online word game, new letters are continuously released over a period of time and the challenge is to create as many valid words with three or more letters within the time limit. It’s quite addictive and a great way to develop an understanding of the English language without kids feeling as though they’re actually learning.

Letter Scramble

Any game that encourages our teenagers to use their brains and challenges them to think has to be a good thing, whether it’s online or not. With us spending more time at home during lockdowns, these kinds of games have been great ways for kids to keep busy whilst also developing their logic skills.