Setting Up the Ideal Study Space for Your Child

Setting Up the Ideal Study Space for Your Child

One way to help ensure your child reaches their full potential at school is to ensure they have a suitable study space at home. While it may not seem like a top priority, it’s crucial that your child as somewhere appropriate to do their homework and exam revision. Plus, just knowing that you care enough about their education to provide them with a decent study space will help motivate them to succeed. So, you may be wondering what actually makes an ideal study space? I have teamed up with a private school in Surrey to offer some advice.


Most importantly, the study space has to be a quiet environment, free from distractions like the TV and games consoles. Your child needs to be able to focus their full attention on their schoolwork, which they won’t be able to do if they can hear people watching television in the same or even the next room. It’s also important that the study space is neat and tidy, as a tidy environment often equates to a tidy mind. With that said, you may need to invest in some shelving and some sort of filing system to eradicate any clutter. This will help your child concentrate on the task at hand. 


Another key element of the study space is that it is well-lit. Try and arrange the desk so that it is near a window, if possible, as artificial lighting can be uncomfortable on the eyes. In fact, regardless of the lighting, you should encourage your child to take regular breaks from studying so that they don’t get eye strain. You should also try and ensure that the desk and chair are a suitable height for your child so that they don’t experience any aches and pains from reaching too far or slouching over.


Make sure your child has all of the relevant books and stationery close-by so that they don’t have to interrupt their studying session to look for a piece of equipment. If you’re unsure what books are appropriate, don’t be afraid to ask your child’s teachers for some age-appropriate recommendations on revision guides etc.


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