Parenting tips & hacks, where to look for support

Parenting tips and hacks

I have three children and I’m happy to admit that some days are a struggle. I know I’m not alone in this. Having children isn’t easy and some days we just need a little reassurance that we’re doing OK. Other days, we could really benefit from getting a little insight into how other Mums do things. There’s no shame in admitting that we need a little extra support, in fact, it shows real strength of character.

I work from home which is great in many ways is really great. It means I’m there for the kids in the mornings and it’s me who drops them off and picks them up from school. It also means we don’t need to pay for childcare in the school holidays, but working from home with three children around really isn’t an easy option. I often suffer from massive Mum guilt because I’m spending hour upon hour with my head in my computer whilst the children are having to occupy themselves.

But, one thing I have grown to realise is that there really isn’t a “perfect” solution. Parents who go out to work often have to spend hours away from their children and pay for somebody to take care of them.

When I’ve had moments of doubt about things like this, I always find it really useful to see how other Mums are handling things, it makes me feel better about our lives and helps me to see where we could make changes to improve things.

I find help and advice in a few different places.

Parenting Influencers

The rise in popularity has seen a big increase in the number of influencers. In particular, parenting influencers have really grown in popularity over the last few years.

I follow a few different parenting influencers including Mum bloggers and Instagram parenting influencers.

Following parenting influencers can be a really great way to get hints and tips from people who go through the same things you do. You might find tips on how to get the work/family life balance right, or how to keep on top of the laundry if you’ve got a big family. There are all kinds of things you might find useful.

It’s worth looking for influencers who have a similar family size to yours with kids a similar age so that you can really benefit from things they do and try to incorporate them into your own routine.

School Mums

If you’re able to form friendships with other Mums at your kids’ school then you can start to share tips and hacks with each other. When you have children of a similar age and live in the same local area, you can get some great ideas on how to keep your children occupied.

Keep children busy

You can also swap details and maybe have each other’s children over for playdates now and then. This could give you some really valuable time to get stuff done!

Online Parenting Forums

There are thousands of parenting forums online all full to bursting with parents asking for help and advice. The chances are that if you’re struggling with something, somebody else has already asked for tips and hacks on a parenting forum. And if they haven’t, then you can ask yourself.

A quick Google search will help you to find parenting forums – there are some general forums and others that focus on parents with children of specific ages too.

Whatever you need help with, I can guarantee that there’s somebody out there who’s been through it and come out of the other side. You should never be afraid to ask for advice and there are actually lots of places where you can find help.

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