Juggling Home Schooling, Work & Everything Else!

Juggling Home Schooling, Work & Everything Else!

2020 has been a really strange year so far! We’ve had the Covid-19 pandemic to deal with and it hasn’t been pretty. Pretty much the whole world has had to deal with some kind of lockdown for at least a few weeks, and many of us have found that we’ve been forced to juggle home schooling the kids with working, taking care of the house and all of the other jobs we normally have to do too.

I work from home anyway, and I know I’ve been lucky that my work hasn’t been affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. I had a few weeks where my husband was at home having been furloughed by his employer, but the rest of the time I was juggling working and making sure the kids were still getting at least some of their school work done. With three children all at very different stages, it really hasn’t been easy!

Two of my children are now back at school thankfully, and whilst it wasn’t an easy decision to send them back, I do feel it was the right one for us. But we did still have four months with a huge lot of juggling and stress going on.

I did come up with a few coping mechanisms throughout the whole thing and I thought I’d share these with you in case you find them handy too!

Be kind to yourself

This is actually far easier said than done, but it’s so important. You are not superhuman (no matter how cool that would be). There’s only one of you and you can only stretch yourself so far! Be kind to yourself and know that you are doing your best.

Routine is key

Without a routine, we would have been completely lost throughout all of this! We’ve been sticking to normal bedtimes for the kids which has definitely helped. They’ve also each had their own times for doing their schoolwork depending on what they could do independently and what they needed help or support with.

Know that it won’t work out everyday

We have had some days where things just haven’t gone to plan and we’ve just given up. As long as I’ve got my work done (we can’t afford for me to be sacked) and the kids are healthy then we’ve taken it as a win.

Get out in the fresh air

We haven’t managed a walk everyday – some days the weather has been rubbish and others we’ve just been snowed under, but I’ve always made a point of getting fresh air into their lungs. Even if this meant just throwing the windows open and listening to the rain, it has definitely helped!

I really do hope that we’re on the way out of all of this right now, but who knows if we’ll soon hit a second wave. If we do, then we’ll start up again as we did before and just keep going.

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