How to Raise a Confident Child

How to Raise a Confident Child

Most parents are keen to raise a confident chid; one who is comfortable in social situations, able to put their hand up in class, take risks and try new things. Although, this is easier said than done! Some children are naturally confident, while others are shy and introverted. There’s nothing wrong with the latter, as long as a child’s lack of confidence doesn’t hold them back. An independent school in Somerset explores their tips for raising a confident child below. 


One great way to help your child with their confidence is to encourage them to join an extra-curricular activity. In drama club they will have to perform in front of others and when learning an instrument, they experience the accomplishment of successfully playing a piece of music. There are countless other options when it comes to extra-curricular activities and all have unique ways of giving children the self-esteem boost they need to do well. 


Help your child to experience new things on a regular basis, from a new town to a new recipe. Often, a lack of confidence comes from fear of the unknown, so the aim is to show your child that new things aren’t always as scary as they seem. The more comfortable they are with new experience, the more confident they’ll feel about trying new things in the future, when you’re not there.


Give your child some space to deal with challenges on their own. If they always have you to solve their problems for them, they will never be confident enough to deal with them on their own. In fact, it’s even worth encouraging independence within your home by giving your child some responsibilities, like feeding the dog, hoovering the lounge or setting the table. Praise them when they successfully complete these tasks. 


If you’re truly concerned about your child’s lack of confidence, it would be a good idea to contact their teacher and let them know how you’re feeling. Together, you can come up with some ways to help your child overcome this hurdle so that it doesn’t become a bigger issue in the future. 


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