How to make each child feel special

How to make each child feel special

As a Mum of three children, I know how hard it is to make sure that each child feels special. When you’re juggling working, school life, extra-curricular activities and housework, it really isn’t always that easy. There are inevitably days when I get this wrong, I’m not super-human. But I have developed a few tricks that do help to make each child feel special.

So, how can you make sure that each of your children gets quality time with you?

If you’ve just the one child, then it’s a heck of a lot easier, although you do still need to make sure that you make time just for them. If you’re a larger family, then you’ll need to work a little harder to make sure that each of your children feels special.

We have three children, there’s 2 years 9 months difference between the older two, and then 5 years 9 months difference between our middle child and our youngest. It’s not the biggest gap, but it does make it tricky to do things as a family – the eldest is in his teenage years now and our middle child isn’t far behind him, so the things they want to do differ drastically from the things our 5 year old would choose to do.

We have to make a conscious effort to make sure that each of our children gets quality time with us. If we can get this right, then it will have a really positive impact on our children as they grow into adults.

Give them their own night

One idea I love is to give each of your children a night each week or once a month that is just for them. On that night, they get to stay up a little later than they usually would and choose an activity to do with you. This could be playing a board game, going for a walk or even baking something simple. It’s important that your other children are settled elsewhere whilst you spend this quality time with just the one child.

play board games together

Involve the kids

When you’re making plans, involve the kids in them. OK, so this can lead to arguments (some days it feels as though my children will argue black is white) as they are determined to disagree with each other. You could involve the children in simple, everyday activities such as planning your meals for the week. Each child could choose one meal each. Just simple things like this really do make a difference.

Just these really simple tips will go a long way towards making each of your children feel special and important. Do you have any methods that work for your family?

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