Finding love during the pandemic this Christmas

Finding love during the pandemic this Christmas

Christmas is nearly here! In some ways it feels like it’s come around really quickly, it kind of only seems like a few weeks since last Christmas! But in other ways, this year has dragged on for SUCH a long time! The current pandemic really has made 2020 seem like a never-ending saga. One of the things that has kept me going is trying to keep things as normal as possible. This means adapting plans and rethinking how I do things so that I can still get some enjoyment out of life both for me and for the kids. It’s not easy, but it is something I try to do every single day. Finding love is no different – it’s still possible, you just have to adapt and change the way you go about it.

If you’re a single parent, then you know how lonely life can be at the moment. Before lockdown and tiers came into force, it was easy just to arrange to meet up with family and friends. That social interaction and support was an absolute lifeline for many single parents. With all of that being taken away from us for such a long time, it’s very easy to allow ourselves to feel isolated and struggling. But it doesn’t have to be that way! If you’re a single parent and you’re looking for love this Christmas, then there are plenty of things you can do to boost your chances of finding somebody special.

Finding love with online dating

Online dating has been growing in popularity for many years now, but I think it’s more valuable than ever at the moment.

Online Dating

Online dating really is a fantastic way to meet new people without even having to leave the house. This makes it perfect whilst we’re still having to abide by social distancing measures. Who knows when those restrictions might be lifted!

One of the things that often puts people off online dating is the worry that they’ll meet somebody who lives miles and miles away from them. This is where local dating sites come up trumps. Using a dating site such as Strathclyde dating means that you only chat to people who live local to you. So whilst you’re still staying home and following the rules, it will be easy enough to meet up when the rules allow it.

Christmas is the perfect time to get yourself registered with one of these sites if you haven’t already. Christmas is the time for celebration and spending time with our loved ones. Whilst this might not be possible in person, the internet gives us the perfect opportunity to do it virtually.

If you’re looking for love during the pandemic this Christmas, then now is the time to take action. The first step is often the hardest, but I promise that you won’t regret making that first move. Get yourself online today and start chatting to new people, you never know where those first encounters might lead to. Let’s make 2021 a year to remember for all of the right reasons.

*This is a collaborative post.

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