Exploring Internet Safety with Your Child

Exploring Internet Safety with Your Child

There are lots of reasons why the internet is beneficial, such as allowing us to communicate with people all over the globe, accessing information in seconds, and keeping ourselves entertained. However, for those who are naïve to the danger of the internet, it can be quite a dangerous thing. With that said, parents should explore the topic of internet safety with their child on a regular basis. Here are some tips from an independent school in Northamptonshire.

Talk About Online Dangers

Your child won’t know what they need to avoid if they aren’t aware of the danger of the internet. With that said, this is something you should talk to them about frequently. Don’t just have one conversation about internet safety and never revisit the topic. Instead, check in with them from time to time to see what kinds of websites and apps they are using, so that you can then discuss the potential threats. 

Establish Clear-Cut Rules

Make sure your child is aware of the rules when it comes to using the internet. For instance, they must never share personal information such as passwords or debit card details, or intimate photos of themselves. You may want to establish a rule that your child is only allowed to access the internet in communal areas of the home, or with their bedroom door open, but you will need to respect their privacy as they get older. 

Promote Open Communication

Try and make your child feel like they can talk to you about anything by promoting an open and honest line of communication with them, especially for serious topics such as internet safety. If they feel like they can open up to you without judgement, they will be more likely to do so. As a result, if something has happened online that has made them feel unsafe, or they have witnessed a form of cyberbullying, they might feel more inclined to seek your advice.