Create your own clothing

Create your own clothing

As a family, we love to create our own things. From creating our own Christmas cards to making personalised gifts for our family and friends, we really do love to get crafty. One thing we’ve recently been looking into is creating our own clothes. I love the idea that we would be wearing something that nobody else in the world owns – it’s a pretty special thought really! Hoodies are particularly popular with my children at the moment, they seem to insist on wearing them even on the warmest of days! So, I’ve been thinking of designing and creating a hoodie for each of us.

Creating your own clothing can be as simple or as complicated as you like. So, whether you’re super crafty or a complete beginner, you will be able to give this a go. As well as being a fun thing to do either by yourself or with the kids, it can also be pretty cheap to get a professional-looking garment at the end of the process.

Designing your own clothes

These days, there are a whole load of ways you can create your own designs. Of course, you can sit down and draw your designs from scratch. But, I’m no artist! I really wish I could draw, but sadly, that skill passed me by.

You could pay a designer to come up with something for you. But this does come with some big pitfalls. You’re likely to have to pay a lot of money to get a decent designer on board. You may also struggle to convey your ideas so that they come up with something you’re happy with. Whilst you might have a clear idea in your mind of the design you’re after, it’s not easy to pass that vision on to somebody else.

One of the ideas that works really well is to use a sweatshirt mockup.

Design Bundles Mockup
Design Bundles Mockup

With a mockup, you can browse hundreds of mocked up designs to see what works for you. There are so many options that even if you have a really specific design in mind, you’re likely to find something that does the job perfectly.

I’ll be honest, this option is the one I think I’ll go for. Although I do love making things, design just isn’t my strong point! Using a mockup means I get the best of both worlds. I get to create something unique without the added stress of trying to design it!

Making your own clothes

If you’ve used a mockup, then it’s as simple as sending your design over to your chosen clothing printer to get your garments made up.

Of course, if you’re feeling really creative, you can even make your own clothes from scratch! This is becoming increasingly popular these days with people becoming more and more aware of the pitfalls of fast fashion. But, creating your own clothes from scratch isn’t for everyone. You do need to have some skills and some equipment in order to make a go of this. You’ll almost certainly need a sewing machine and you’ll need to spend some time practising before you start actually making anything you might want to wear.

sewing machine

The beauty of making your own clothes is that you really can make anything you like. There are lots of free, online tutorials to get you started. You can also get hold of templates to help you online too.

It’s a good idea to start collecting fabrics that you might want to use. If you fancy being really frugal, then you can scour second hand shops or even ask on local Facebook groups to see if anyone has any fabric they no longer need.

One of the downsides with making clothing from scratch though is that it can have a tendency to actually look homemade. Don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! But, many people prefer the more conventional look, so bear this in mind before you start!

As we’ve been stuck in lockdown for the last few months, many people have turned to crafting and creating as a way to pass the time, there’s only so much Netflix we can watch! Creating anything at all yourself is always a real achievement, and making or designing your own clothing is a great hobby to get into. Whether you want to make clothes for your kids or even start to make clothing to sell as part of a small business, there are a whole range of options to get you started.

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