Are you a single parent who loves niche dating?

single parent who loves niche dating

If you’re a single parent, then you will know all too well about the juggles involved with raising children on your own. Even if you have an ex partner who takes an active role in bringing up your children with you, there are bound to be times when you struggle to get everything done and still spend time with the kids. So thinking about quality time for yourself is often right at the back of your mind. But it’s really important that you do find some time to do the things that you enjoy, even when you’re juggling life as a single parent. And that applies especially to dating.

As a single parent, it’s only natural that you put the children’s needs first. But if you want to start enjoying an active dating life, and you’re ready to take that step, then it’s important to recognise that your own wants and needs are just as important.

Being at home with the kids every day can make it tricky to meet new people, particularly if you’re into a particular type of niche dating. If you’re keen to get involved with BDSM dating, for example, you might be wondering where on earth you can start to make some bdsm contacts.

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Thankfully, the world wide web has made everything so much easier than it used to be. A quick google search will show you a whole list of bdsm dating sites where you can start to explore the type of people you might want to hook up with, without leaving the comfort and safety of your own home. As well as allowing you to ease yourself slowly into the whole BDSM if it’s new to you, online dating also means you don’t need to worry about finding a babysitter in order to take that first step.

Once you’ve spent some time browsing a niche dating site, it’s up to you what happens next. You will need to plan date nights around the kids, that goes without saying, but don’t let having children be a barrier to you. If your ex partner has the children staying with them, then you can easily plan your date nights to fit in with that schedule, leaving you carefree to enjoy your date. If not, then ask family or friends if they can help out. You don’t need to go into the specifics of what you’re planning to be doing, but everybody close to you should understand that you need some time out just for you, so don’t be afraid to ask for help with the kids!

Having children shouldn’t mean that you don’t get to enjoy dating, even if you’re into a very specific type of niche dating! Don’t be afraid to put yourself first from time to time. Having that time away from the kids and recognising that’s important to you doesn’t make you a bad parent. In fact, recognising that you need that means that you’re in tune with what your family needs, so don’t be afraid to take that step and enjoy dating.