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5 Must-Have Tools to Decorate Your Home

5 Must-Have Tools to Decorate Your Home

Doing as much DIY as possible will help you to keep costs low during a renovation but it’s also time consuming and laborious. There are a number of tools that are worth investing in which will not only save you time but also effort whilst still keeping your costs relatively low. Tools like a wallpaper steamer will do the job to a good standard and can be used time and time again. Here are a few staple tools that a timber merchant in Essex recommend.

A Decorators Table

A foldable table is a must have for any decorator. It allows you to work with precision as you’re able to lay your materials like wallpaper completely flat and mark out where to cut. It also keeps them from getting dirty as they would if you were to do this on the floor. If you’re not using it for wallpaper pasting, you can use your decorators table as a unit for all the other tools that you will be using. It will save you from bending and getting a bad back after DIY-ing all day.

Good Paint Brushes

It’s the smallest of details that make the biggest difference. Quality paint brushes will prevent your walls from appearing streaky. You will be left with a beautiful, seamless finish and will not need to spend any additional time picking off loose bristles from the walls. Something that tends to happen with cheaper brushes.

Masking Tape

No matter how many paint jobs you’ve done, it can’t hurt to add masking tape. It will save you from needing to touch up any messy lines at the end and help to give you a professional finish.

Goggles and a Mask

Safety is another thing that you should take seriously. Paint and the fumes that it gives off aren’t pleasant and can be hazardous to health. Having goggles and a mask will limit exposure and help to keep you safe.

Power Drill

Last but not least, you should definitely consider investing in a power drill. Flat packs can be assembled by hand using screwdrivers, but it is much faster having a machine that does it for you.


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