5 gift ideas for kids this holiday season

The holiday season is nearly upon us once more. It’s that time of year when the kids want all the latest tech and toys and it can be a real struggle to decide what to give them. I love to give my children toys that they will play with for years to come. I hate it when they get bored of things really quickly, it’s such a waste of time and money. I’ve been having a look at some of the toys available for the kids this year and I found five ideas that I know they’ll love.

1. Remote-controlled Stunt Car

My children love remote-controlled toys and they play with them for hours. They’re great during the summer when the weather’s good and the kids can take them outside. But they’re also fab during the wetter months when they have hours of fun racing them around indoors too. This remote controlled stunt car looks like so much fun! As the name suggests, you can perform all kinds of stunts and flips!

Remote Controlled Stunt Car

2. Remote-controlled Racing Car

My six year old is a speed freak and he absolutely loves playing with fast toy cars. This remote-controlled racing car can reach incredible speeds of up to 18km per hour! Imagine the kids’ faces when they’re racing that around, they would be so amazed!

RC Racing Car

3. Remote-controlled Robot

Robots are big business at the moment and the kids love watching them perform new tricks. This remote-controlled robot can be programmed to perform specific moves as well as being a dab hand on the dance floor!

RC Robot

4. Remote-controlled Dinosaur

This remote-controlled dinosaur features realistic moves and sounds, he can fight when he’s all fired up, and he can bust some moves when he feels like dancing too!

RC Dinosaur

5. Robot Dog

This well-behaved robot dog is cute and adorable. He can sing and dance as well as being programmable to follow a number of commands. It’s just as much fun as a real dog without all the mess!

Robot Toy Dog

I love these five fab gift ideas and I know that the kids would love to receive them too. I’m not sure I could pick a favourite, they all look like so much fun!

*Collaborative post.

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